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Designed For The Everyday Punter

Enjoy having a bet? No time to
study the form?
Wanting to know what the ‘best chances’ are in any particular race?
Enjoy reading a form guide?

Then we’re the service for you, at an affordable price!

This plan covers every ‘horse’ race meeting in New Zealand.

We suggest ‘what might win’ – you then decide whether to invest, which races to invest in, and at what stake level.

This plan covers ‘horse’ racing from Australia. The “Racing In Australia” Plan provides you with selections as follows:
Wednesday – 1 meeting
Friday – 1 meeting
Saturday – 2 meetings
Sunday – 1 meeting
(These will increase as we build into the spring racing).

We suggest ‘what might win’ – you decide whether to invest, which races to invest in, and at what stake level.

This plan is for those that like a dabble on sports events.
Once again, here we make having bet easy! We provide a pre-formatted betting slip to the TAB so you simply ‘click and invest’. We combine selections from any event, anywhere. So, from an entertainment point of view, this plan gives you an ‘interest’ in many events.s.
We decide what to invest on, and bring you at least 2 bets every day.

This plan covers every ‘horse’ race meeting in New Zealand. ‘Horse’ racing from Australia and a selection of Multibets from the sporting world.



WE do the ‘hard yards’ | WE provide the ‘suggestions’ YOU decide ‘when, how, and how much to invest’.


Subscribe today and enjoy the following:

Five Selections* in every race, including:
Days Best | Top Pick | Best Each Way | Longer Odds | Black Bookers | Multis

Betting Suggestions* – what and how to place your bet. (based on a $20 stake in each race)


*Please note our selections are based on personal and individual assessment of the ‘best chances’ and we offer no guarantees as to winning performance.

Subscribe and get all this … from only $7.00 a week!


  1. View the fields online – no need to hunt around for the newspaper anymore!
  2. Five selections in every race, with comments
  3. An option for everyone – ‘favourite‘ backers, ‘longshots‘ backers, ‘multi bet‘ backers, ‘sports
  4. The BEST BET at each meeting
  5. Track Man’s INSIDERS – our selector talks to the people “in racing” to get their best chances
  6. Track Man’s BLACK BOOKERS – these are runners that Track Man has pin pointed as “next up” winners
  7. Suggested betting options 

About the ‘Sports Multi’

This has to be the best service around! And at great value …..
1. It is consistently returning a profit
2. Selections are laid out on ‘pre-formatted’ betting slips – simply press ‘Bet Now’ to place bet
3. Gives you ‘an interest’ in so many diversified events, some that you wouldn’t necesssarily bet on
4. Every selection is chosen because it ‘has a very good chance’ of winning
5. Suggested bets prepared on the basis that if only 1 wins, you get your money back for the day.